Release Packages

We can tailor a Release Package to suit your overall Music Business Plan and Strategy. Below are some Packages to get you inspired and started.

Starter Pack

If you are an exclusive Pushworth artist, you pay nothing for the Starter Pack. Together we craft a Plan and we execute PRE, RELEASE LAUNCH and POST. We carefully Onboard and Activate your Release assets, provide reports for your Streaming stats and pay your Royalties. You also get access to a variety of exclusive private Marketing and Music Business planning resources as part of the Manick roster.

This package is perfect for the Independent Artist just starting out with tons of time on their hands to run their own Pitches and Campaigns. Planning your Live Shows and Tour with Pushworth will form part of your Release Strategy to leverage the Release in the market.

Breakout Pack

In the Breakout Pack, you get everything in the Starter Pack PLUS the following Project Management services:

  1. We service your Release Video to key Channels including RAGE, MTV and CMT.
  2. We service your Release to AMRAP/AIR pitching to strategic Community Radio Stations.
  3. Together with Pushworth, we map out a key support opportunity for you to leverage as a possible Release Launch event.
  4. We curate your Release Pitch and offer you one Artist Story session to facilitate you through your own creative expression of Biography, Press Release, Pitch, Content Copy and Interview material.
  5. We curate a Standard Campaign Strategy for you. This plan is then ready for your execution and scheduling.

Rockstar Pack

We also encourage you to budget for a Radio Plug service as well as Play MPE.  (click on each to learn more). Our Rockstar Pack service is to Project Manage each of these closely to leverage and cross collateralise through your Marketing Campaign to maximize Launch Event/Upcoming show opportunities.

In the Rockstar Pack, you receive the following:

  1. Release Project Management
  2. Activate your Release Assets with your Radio Plugger and service your Track to strategic Commercial and Community Radio stations.
  3. Activate the Manick Radio and Digital Media Database to strategically target airplay and interview opportunities.
  4. Onboard and activate the Play MPE service. Working closely with the data reports, we track your Play MPE activity to capitalise with the Marketing campaign.
  5. Service your Release to AMRAP/AIR pitching to additional specific Community Radio Stations.
  6. Curate your Release Pitch
  7. Produce your Release Artist Story One Sheet
  8. Produce your Release Marketing Plan to support the Pitch
  9. Curate a Recommended Campaign Strategy
  10. Activate your Release Campaign Google Spreadsheet containing:
    1. Release Action Checklist
    2. Schedules
    3. Content Maps
    4. Artist Story Board Guide
    5. Social Media Art Size Checklist
    6. Brand/Marketing Checklist

Campaign Must Haves

These are the direct wholesale prices that we pay for each Service. ###Play MPE is in Canadian Dollars so this amount pay change according to the exchange rate.

Supercharge Pack

In the Supercharge Pack, you get everything in the Rockstar Pack PLUS more comprehensive Project Management services:

  1. We service your Release Video to key Channels including RAGE, MTV and CMT.
  2. We service your Release to AMRAP/AIR pitching to strategic Community Radio Stations.
  3. We activate, pitch and project manage your Release to strategic Influential Third Party Playlists.
  4. We give you and your Social Media Manager access to 50 Social Media specific Music Release templates in Poster My Wall saving you $$$.
  5. Together with Pushworth, we book, produce and event manage your Release Launch event.

Campaign Pack

If you feel overwhelmed, we offer a Campaign Pack which, once complete, provides a blueprint for you, or your Social Media manager to follow in your Marketing Plan. Whether you are a DIY, or are working with an Intern or are employing a Social Media Marketing company, this Blueprint will provide the brief that you need to execute your Release Campaign. 

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