Laura Frank: "THE ROAD" Global Release 9 September 2022
Jade Holland: "Summertime, Sunshine and You" Global Release 18 Feb 2022
Trial of Love 8 Oct 2021, Seawitch
Pretty, 22 Oct 2021, Laura Frank
Prey 17 Sept 2021 Spiff & Fifi
Simple Truths 29 Oct 2021 Spiff & Fifi
Fight For It 8 Oct 2021 Jade Holland
Amulet 3 Sept 2021 Seawitch
Hello Hello 2021 The Eyes Open
Pictures of Mars 2021 Natalie Gauci
Screw the Situation 2021 To The Skies
Initiate 2021 Seawitch
Witch Hunt 2021 Seawitch
Stumblin'In 2021 Spiff and Fifi
Do It Right 2020 Jade Holland
Echo 2020 To The Skies
Not Waiting Round 2016 GANGgajang
Smash it with a Thong 2017 Pauly Fenech

Manick began as a Mentorship for Original Artist Projects gigging with The Pushworth Group.

The Manick Project facilitated independent releases of Artists across Australia for a decade.

The Manick Label was birthed in 2020 in partnership with Ingrooves Music Group as Universal Music Group to better support Artists on their music business journey.

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