Natalie Gauci


Natalie Gauci is an award winning artist, her music and voice won the hearts of Australia when Natalie Gauci took the title of Australian Idol Winner in 2007. Natalie also performed on The Voice (2020) and is set to command the stage once again, in a whole new light.

Natalie is set to release her single “Pictures of Mars” and is ready to launch! The concept “Pictures of Mars” goes way back for Nat, all the way back to her audition on Australian Idol, she then went on to take the winning title!

“I feel like I’ve gone full circle” Natalie says. “I get very strong visions, it’s just taken me a while to trust myself enough to go with it and share it with my fans”.

When Natalie wrote and produced this soulful and emotive track, she was feeling like she wanted to escape her reality and go to Mars by day dreaming. Procrastinating, hoping and wishing that someone would just take her to Mars so she didn’t have to be on Earth anymore, as if Mars would be the answer to all her problems!

Natalie’s vision has taken this song to a subliminal place, where she connects to her more quirky side while still being true to her inner voice. Natalie said she was inspired by Alicia Keys and Amy Winehouse.

“This song has been one of my dreams to release and I am so excited to share it, it really means a lot to me. I’m very focused now, no more procrastination, it’s action time!” says Natalie.