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Label Manager

As a musician, I have written, recorded, produced and performed classical, jazz, punk, cabaret and pub rock gigs for decades. As a practitioner, I have managed, curated, booked, produced and mentored Artists for the past three decades. Majoring in Political Economics at Griffith University in Brisbane, I have only ever worked in the Music Industry. Nichola Burton and I opened The Pushworth Group in 1991. Australian Festival Management began in 2008 leading us to produce the Caxton Street Seafood and Wine Festival for 5 years. The Manick Label came about as a passion project for orphan music brands in the activation or reactivion phase of their careers.



Not really what you would call a conformist, I pride myself in creation, collaboration, connection and community outside the traditional industry pathways. Watching the cycles and trends of the past three decades, you get to know pretty quickly what works best in the market. Since 1991, I’ve had the privilege to work with some of the best in various stages of their careers – The Butterfly Effect, Savage Garden, Fiona Horne and DEFFX, Grinspoon, Russell Crowe’s musical projects, Killing Heidi, Grace Knight and Eurogliders, The Living End, GANGgajang, Nathan Cavaleri and James Blundell. The music I stumble across daily blows my mind. Manick is a pathway for Music Artists to release their own music, tell their story and build their music business through tours, supports, albums and a variety of business ventures.