May 19, 2016


For the past 27 years, we, at The Pushworth Group, have worked with thousands of performers across Australia from Aria Award winning Touring and Charting artists to Local weekend warriors. Emerging or Established, Covers or Original, Solo, Duo, Band, DJ – regardless of the type, style, genre or history – we regard every music business as unique and of value. We’ve seen trends come and go and have built relationships with the key players in the industry as we work in teams for a variety of projects as we move forward together into an industry in transition.

Thanks to technology, the landscape of the world has shifted dramatically since we began our Music Business in 1990. We no longer buy newspapers. Instead we get our news from Google. Other than driving, I never listen to the radio. If I want to listen to music I use a streaming service. We no longer buy cameras instead we use our phones.  We no longer buy watches, instead we refer to our devices. Free to air TV has ostensibly been replaced by a Paid TV service like Netflix. We no longer buy books, rather we can download an E Book or simply subscribe to an audio book service like Audible. We connect with others in private Facebook groups or Google Hangouts. Bloggers have replaced journalists. CDs and DVDs have been replaced by files backed up in the Cloud. The new Share Economy means that Hotels have been usurped by airBNB and Taxis by uber.

In 2017 the challenge of selling tickets to shows and getting people to download and buy music has never been greater. However thanks to the incredible technological changes in the world, Artists can participate more in their own music businesses. The traditional music business model of Manager, Agent and Label is virtually unrecognizable.

Our vision is to empower Artists to release product and tour and build a sustainable music businesses from the Studio to the Stadium. In 2017 you can easily connect with fans across the globe via Twitter, stream your concert via Facebook Live, promote your music brand via Instagram and by building your database in programs like Mail Chimp, you can easily connect and engage with media, fans, suppliers, network partners, promoters and customers.

We have designed a pathway for your Release and Tour based on our 27 years of experiencing booking tours for these Artists, programming entertainment programs for these Venues and producing Bills and managing Music Events for these Festival Promoters.

THE MANICK PROJECT – approx. 16-20 weeks


  1. Your Story
  2. Resources
  3. Create
  4. Connect
  5. Express
  6. Leverage
  7. Business

Program Deliverables

  1. A and R
  2. Business Plan
  3. Finance Plan
  4. Brand Plan
  5. Single Release Plan
  6. Single Release Project Management
  7. Release Publicity Campaign
  8. Release Advertising Management
  9. Release Radio Campaign
  10. Release Social Media Campaign
  11. Release Metric Reports
  12. Event Management – Listening Party (If this is an option)
  13. Post Release Plan
  14. Tour Business Plan
  15. Tour Booking
  16. Tour Management – Logistics, Supports, Worksheets, Productions
  17. Tour Administration
  18. Tour Reconciliation

Price upon Application