Gig Tight

Gig Tight™ is a Workshop designed to give you the TOP TEN KEYS to surviving live gigs!

One very special Music Industry guest who knows all about being Gig Tight™ will share their experience and give you tips to add to your ultimate Survival Handbook!

Gig Tight™ features a very special “HOUR WITH MANNY” featuring Emmanuel Kyriakidis, Director of Tours, Events and Concerts, The Pushworth Group. A popular speaker at Music Industry events, Manny will be available for a Q + A session.

Top Ten Keys to being Gig Tight:

  •          CHOPS
  •          F**k Up Factor
  •          Gig Kit
  •          Gig Fit
  •          Gig Health
  •          Bump In/Bump Out
  •          Keeping Track
  •          Introduction to AMPED™
  •          Introduction to CUTTING THROUGH THE NOISE™
  •          Introduction to Gigahertz™

This event is exclusive for Registered Artists of The Pushworth Group. Please provide Photo ID to sign in at the door.




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