Nichola Burton

Winning a place at the Conservatorium of Music, Nicki has played Recording/Touring Artist, Artist Management, Producer, and Composer to Entertainment Agent, Front Line Business Manager, Systems Software Designer, Workplace Trainer and Assessor, to Event Manager, Publicist, Brand Consultant to Author and Public Speaker culminating as CEO for The Pushworth Group since 1990.

The Business/Personal Development Columnist for the Inner Self Magazine, Nicki was nominated as an “Influential Woman of the 21st Century” and was nominated for Telstra Business awards. Nicki holds qualifications in Teaching, Business Management Systems, (Six Sigma) Philosophy, Human Behavior, Workplace Training, Business Management and Musical Performance. Designing the software program, Aquarius – an integrated CRM booking system that manages the sales and operations for entertainment industry businesses (managing Pushworth since 2000), Nicki uses her own signature method The Metriculus™ when working in partnership with Universities and Organizations throughout Queensland developing programs for Interns, Traineeships and Volunteers in the Entertainment and Event industries and in particular while producing one of Australia’s most iconic community Festivals – Caxton Street Seafood and Wine Festival 2009-2014.

Studying Human Behavior with Dr John F Demartini since 2000, Nicki has worked as a Senior Facilitator for The Demartini Method ™ in London, Dublin and across Australia while co-founding The Concourse of the Earth™ – a not for profit organization conducting research in the field of Business Behaviors.

Nicki manages our various community projects and is the President of the Petrie Terrace Partnership and runs the Sound Garden Project, Push the Earth policy and Work Window programs. She works with busineses across the globe as a Business Development Coach for a variety of projects. She manages our MANICK MANAGEMENT Artist Management project in partnership with Manny.

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